Consistency Is Key

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I want my books!

I was extremely excited to begin reading Consistency Is Key and found that the expectations set by others were spot on.  

As I read from chapter to chapter I couldn't stop thinking about how this book would be a wonderful resource for my athletes, most who don't come from a running background, and don't know the difference from a tempo and a training run when they first enter the program.

I'm blown away at the complexity of information without over-complicating things for a new runner and Jay has turned what could be challenging material to read into an easy, step-by-step process of how to be successful and why each step is important.

This book will certainly be a staple for all new runners who enter our program.

Eric Dettman, Lincoln High School, Portland, OR

I very much recommend this book for high school teams. Jay teaches the foundation of high school XC concepts that every young athlete needs to learn.

Put simply: this book helps people become runners.

John O'Malley, Sandburg High School, IL

Jay Johnson has managed to do a huge favor to all high school coaches by writing a book for high school runners. This is the first training book I have come across that is written for teenagers in a way they can understand.

If your runners have ever asked, "why do we do this," Jay provides an explanation that makes sense.

This is such a good introduction to distance running, that we plan to provide each new runner on our team a copy of the book at the beginning of each cross country season. 

Kent Falting, Parkway High School, Bossier Parish, LA